Diet Counselling Centre

Diet Counselling Centre is established in the Deptt. of Home Science as per rule No. 6 of 2003. The Head of the Deptt., Dr. Mrs. Asha G. Mane is in charge of the Centre. The main objective of the Centre is to create awareness about nutrition among People. The Centre provides diet consultation and Undertake activities related to the health and nutrition. Faculty and Students of the Department are involved in the activities of the Centre.


Diet consultancy is provided to the students and Staff of the University and to the outsiders. Nominal fee is charged for the consultancy.



2.00 to 4.00 p.m. (Every Tuesday and Friday)



• Celebration  of Breast Feeding Promotion week (1-7 August)

• Celebration  of National Nutrition week (1-7 September)

• Celebration  of World Food Day.

• Awareness Programmes

• Nutritional Status Diagnostic Camp

• Food Consultancy to University Hostels

• Nutrition Knowledge Test

• Recipe Competitions

• Diet-Exhibition

• Nutrition Festival

• Seminar, Guest Lectures etc.


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